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* These results are for illustrative purposes only. They are my results and I’m sharing them with you so you can see the power of Shoot Pool Training Videos in action. I am not making guarantees or promises that you will be able to achieve the same level of success I have, I’m only trying to help you understand what is possible… but not guaranteed. But hey, it’s free so I hope when you join, we can improve your game.

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Your Bridge

Ideally when you shoot pool you should approach the table, aim once, shoot once and have both object and cue ball end up where you want them.  The memory of your actions are stored in your spine.  This means that you can drive a car without thinking, or walk to the shop without concentrating on taking one step after the other.  What we want to do is create the motor memory of the perfect position when you shoot pool, so to do this we must train the body using the best movement practice.  Like wax on wax off, we are about to adjust the way you approach the table physically and mentally.  It’s not your fault, no one taught you the right way in the first place.

We will begin with the short video on your Bridge.  The Bridge is created by the hand which is at the working end of the Cue stick.   Your bridge is the aiming mechanism, as such it needs to be accurate which can be easily achieved.  At all times we try to keep things as simple as possible and the video your about to watch is an extension of this policy.  There will be further videos on the rest of your stance to follow although simply fixing your bridge will improve the way you shoot pool.

Videos about spinning the cue ball or putting “English” on the cue ball, the felt the tables are made from, Custom Cue sticks and just about everything else concerning 8 ball be made available.

DEFINITION:  English is the position where the cue tip strikes the cue ball.

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